Blogging 101

Anyone can start a blog, but here are some tips on how to make your blog stand out from others:


  1. Keep it short: Blogs are written in a conversational tone and are typically between 250 words and 800 words.
  2. Link: Linking to other blogs or websites will help build your credibility. Try to link at least 3 times in a blog.
  3. Be clear and concise: Although most blogs are no longer than 800 words, be sure to include all necessary information. Quality is better than quantity.
  4. Use multimedia: Be creative with your blog and add videos and pictures to increase the amount of interest.
  5. Use bullet points or lists: Blogs are an informal type of writing so let the key points stand out.


Blogging is an important skill to have in the PR world because it gives you the chance to write to a more informal crowd while expressing your creativity in a light-hearted, fun way.


I hope you find these tips helpful! Happy blogging!


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