Social Media and Sporting Events

We all know that social media (specifically Twitter) is a part of everyday life now for most people.  People use it to pass time, to find out information faster and to connect with people.  Finding out information faster deals with sporting events because some people aren’t able to make it (or watch/listen to the game) and want to know what’s going on.  The best part about it is the information comes from fans who are at the game (or watching/listening to it) or from team staff members who are in charge of tweeting scores, plays, etc.


When I can’t watch a game that I want to, the first thing I do is check Twitter for updates.  Let’s take the Boston Celtics twitter page (@celtics) for example.  Last night they played the Pacers and their official twitter page updated me on the scores at the end of each quarter, along with the highest scorer from the team.  If I need to find out anything else, aside from checking my ESPN ScoreCenter App, I search “#Celtics” and it gives me updates on what people are saying about the game.  From this last night I learned that Kris Humphries had an impressive game.  I felt connected to the game although I could not watch it.


Social media is an exciting factor to sporting events.  People may not realize it, but they are a “tweeting-billboard” for the teams and players that are playing.  They give players and their teams recognition. The more people are engaging in conversation about a player on social media, the more others will want to watch that player and see what all the hype is about. I enjoy social media during sporting events because it gives me the opportunity to know what’s going on when it happens.  Sometimes it can be upsetting when everyone is tweeting about a big play and I missed it, but with how fast our technology is these days, you can guarantee a video or picture will be up within the next 15 minutes.

Next time you aren’t able to make a game you wanted to see, check social media for updates.  Heck, I even check social media for updates if I am at a game or watching it on TV.  I appreciate other people’s opinions on the game. It is always nice to get a second opinion on plays or players. 


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