Personal Branding

Before I start, ask yourself this question…”What is my personal brand?”


Don’t know how to answer? Think about this, your personal brand is what allows you to stand out in a crowd. It identifies a unique quality you may have, something that you are passionate about, or the way you live your life.  According to Jason Mollica (President of JRM Comm, Inc. @JasMollica), personal branding allows you to be the CEO of you.


You’re the only person who is able to control your brand. No one can tell you what you’re passionate about or what unique qualities you have. You, and only you, are responsible for making your personal brand.


In my opinion, a few key factors that go into personal branding are honesty, trust, transparency, and passion. People must always believe that you are honest, which ties into trust.


And remember…Trust takes years to build, and seconds to destroy. (As does your personal brand.)


You must also be transparent, which allows you to be open to new and upcoming ideas and come off as authentic to your audience. And lastly, your passion needs to show. Whether it be a passion for sports, your family, or life you must have a passion and actually BE passionate about it.


By having your own personal brand this automatically puts you ahead of other people who don’t. It shows you know who you are, that you’re responsible, and that you’re serious about your work.


So, I will ask you to ask yourself one more time…”What is my personal brand?” 


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